• Harirai Khalsa

Act like you care

Last week I said I was going to move my book from my bedside table to my kitchen counter and see what happened. Well...

I finished nearly two whole books this week! A dramatic increase from my normal rate of closer to two per month.

Partly this has to do with choice of reading material (if you pick something you can't put down, well, you're probably gonna get through it pretty fast). But also my experiment of carving out reading time in the morning instead of at night turned out to be a huge success. For one thing, it meant I didn't fall asleep two pages in. For another, I discovered that starting my day with a good book is a really nice way to get going. But the real benefit wasn't even necessarily about the reading at all. There is tremendous value in taking the time to decide what the true priorities are in your life, and then being deliberate about making your choices to reflect that. It's easy to think that an hour in the morning or an hour in the evening are both an hour, that you can swap out one for the other and you'll still have accomplished an hour of whatever task you were doing. But starting my day with a book is a declaration that I am a person who takes my literary self seriously. Relegating it to the last thing I do before bed makes it feel like reading is something I'm only allowed to do when everything else in my life is done. Same activity, very different frame of mind. You're a unique human, so you probable have totally different priorities from me. You have different aspects of your identity that you consider important and different goals you want to achieve in your life. You might be a morning person or a night person or have a totally different relationship with time entirely. It doesn't really matter. Just the simple practice of saying "I will put the important things first," whatever that means to you, is truly transformative. What have you been sidelining recently that you want to give some more priority in your life? Let me know, I'd love to hear about it.

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