• Harirai Khalsa

One small step for you, a giant leap for you

I recently read Atomic Habits by James Clear, which is a book you might've heard of. It's certainly been making the rounds. It's all the rage right now. A bestseller. Very trendy. Has a cool cover.

Well it turns out the inside is pretty great as well. In fact, aside from the cool cover, I'm guessing that's the second biggest reason people keep buying it.

Atomic Habits is all about how the small routines we do each and every day compound over time into much more significant results than the major milestones most of us are focused on most of the time. Have you ever heard the phrase that someone was an overnight success ten years in the making? That's kind of what this is getting at.

For most of us it's very easy to get distracted by the big moments that seem like big changes—landing that deal, publishing that book, marrying that person. But in reality these are just tipping points that come after a whole lot of accumulated consistent effort. Redirecting your focus toward the stuff that really matters—how you do the things you do—ends up defining not only how those tipping points play out in the long run, but also the kind of person you get to be throughout your life. I mean, no big deal or anything.

For a systems nerd like me, it was a fantastic read. But I'll be honest. It wasn't all fun and games. It was also a 320-page slice of humble pie.

Here's the thing.

Even though I love thinking about systems in the abstract, and even though I'm great at pointing out where other people could be streamlining their processes and being more effective, when it comes to my own personal systems, I have a tendency to skip over them entirely. Sure, I know in theory that a consistent communication strategy is crucial for any successful business. I'm happy to tell other people they have to update their blogs on a schedule. But as for me?

Wahhh, I don't waaant to.

And that's just not fair. If you're gonna talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk.

So this is baby step number one, and hey look you're invited! I'm going to start communicating more regularly through here. In fact, you can expect a new post every week. I welcome all the ridicule you can muster if I neglect to stick to this one consistent habit for my own business.

Now, if you're reading this, then you probably think systems are important too (or else you're my mom). Do yourself a favor and check out the book and the Atomic Habits philosophy here. (If you're going to order a copy, though, may I request you please don't pick Amazon? Call up your local brick and mortar bookstore and see if they can order it for you, or *gasp* you could even go to the library and read it for FREE!)

So now I want to hear from you. What's one tiny thing you could start doing regularly that you know would make a big difference in your business, your personal life, or your secret side passion? Comment below and let me know!

Together let's make tiny but consistent strides triumphantly into the future.

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